Whats is the difference between the two exercise teas?

They both have been created to be consumed during the day after exercise and contain the same key ingredients. The major difference comes down to taste. The berry blend has extra ingredients so slightly higher in antioxidants.


The currency appears to be different to what I selected at checkout?

As we are an Australian business he transactions on our site are in Australian Dollars (AUD). Although you can change the currency on our home page and navigate around the store in your preferred currency, just after the checkout page when you enter your details it will revert back to AUD. Don't worry this doesn't mean you are paying anymore it will still be the same amount that was displayed when you confirmed the checkout. If you ever need more help you can always contact us using the 'contact us' section.

What are the tea benefits?

Each of our teas have been specially created to assist with an active lifestyle. What that means is the ingredients in each blend have been selected for their known benefits and to be used in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle. The exercise teas are recommended to be used during the day to sooth and energise and the night tea in the evening to relax and calm. After an exercise session your muscles become inflamed and painful after tiny tears form due to your workout, as they heal they become bigger and stronger. The key ingredients have been selected to target this.

If taken regularly may help with the following; 

/ support in muscle recovery by reducing inflammation

/ help reduce bloating

/ help with the body's thermogenic fat-burning activity

/ natural energy lift

/ promote a calming and relaxing sleep (good sleep blend)

Is the tea sold in retail stores?

At the moment we only sell our products exclusively online from the organic trainer store.


Where is the product from? / How is the Product Organic? / Is it Certified Organic?

The tea is made from specially selected organic ingredients. These organic ingredients have been carefully selected from trusted suppliers based in NSW & QLD Australia who has been accredited by the ACO as certified. We are extremely careful when blending our teas together to ensure we follow strict guidelines. We are not currently certified but the ingredients we use are and we are currently looking into certification for all our products. 


Are the product Gluten Free / Nut Free / Dairy Free?

To our knowledge are products are free from gluten, nuts and diary. However our suppliers do handle nuts so if you have a nut allergy we would recommend not to drink our teas and to always check the ingredients prior to purchase for allergies.


What is the shelf life of the tea?

We put a 1 year best before date on our teas. Our tea is a dried product and if kept in a cool environment away from direct sunlight the taste and benefits will not deteriorate within this time. 


Is the tea caffeine free?

Our good sleep tea s our only tea within the range that is caffeine free as it is specially designed for night time. Our exercise teas do contain caffeine which is naturally found in our green tea to help keep you alert and active after you exercise.


Does the tea have sugar in?

We never put sugar, preservatives or flavourings into any of our teas. Our Berry + Hibiscus & Good Sleep blends are sweetened with organic stevia.