/ the organic trainer is an australian based company that creates natural herbal teas. our tea blends support people who like to keep fit or are looking to improve their health.

/ we only use specially blended organic tea in all of our products and with the aim to promote exercise recovery. we have created some great tasting blends that when combined with a healthy and active lifestyle may help support you and your fitness goals. our tea can also be teamed up with your exercise supplements and protein powders.

/ each of our teas contain organic ingredients such as green sencha tea, ginger root, hibiscus, raspberry leaf, calendula flowers, turmeric and peppermint. we’ve create special blends aimed to target post exercise recovery.



/ we are passionate about promoting healthy living and having a proactive approach to health. we make things simple by creating our tea blends around basic health concepts. our unique exercise blends contain antioxidants and if taken regularly may help with the following; 

/ support in muscle recovery by reducing inflammation

/ help reduce bloating

/ help with the body's thermogenic fat-burning activity

/ natural energy lift

/ promote a calming and relaxing sleep (good sleep blend)




Adam Ross
is one of our founding ambassadors joining the organic trainer team in 2014. Adam is a certified personal trainer based in Melbourne. He is passionate about health and fitness for one simple reason: it changes lives. “Fitness has almost unlimited pros, and only one real con: it’s hard work.” He believes that every single day you have a choice to take four steps forward: good breakfast, good lunch, good dinner, and one hour of exercise. the flip side is that you also have the opportunity to take four steps backwards. or like most people, stay exactly the same. don’t. break things down to daily increments and make smart choices that help you move forward. Reach for the tea instead of the can of coke. something as simple like swapping your daily bottle of coke for a tea will save you 258 calories (and a whopping 65 grams of sugar). it sounds basic, but these little choices can accumulate into big changes. stay on track, believe in yourself, and drink tea! 



Jonny Stofko
or "the fit coach" is one of our health and fitness ambassadors who truly lives by our values based in Sydney. He trains himself and his clients with organic and holistic methods through a balanced physical routine, a natural whole food based diet, and simple stress release techniques such as meditation and acupuncture. Jonny has a A B.A. in Sports Psychology from California State University with a Masters Graduate in Leadership and Personal Development. He runs an online business as a motivational coach and mentor. Find Jonny online at www.therealfitcoach.com or follow him on instagram The_FitCoach.