Berry + Hibiscus
Exercise Tea


$26.95 AUD


/ the organic trainer has hand selected premium organic ingredients to create a specially formulated exercise tea to help assist with your active lifestyle. our teas have been designed with the help of fitness professionals to support your body after your next workout. 

/ this blend has been designed to help with the following; 

+ support in muscle recovery by reducing inflammation

+ help reduce bloating

+ help with the body's thermogenic fat-burning activity

+ provide a natural energy lift

/ this blend designed to be drank during the day has a distinctive berry taste and the key ingredients include energising green tea and ginseng for a natural boost, hibiscus for this health benefits along with soothing ginger. our favourite ingredient turmeric has long been used in chinese and indian medicines as a powerful anti-inflammatory. this tea contains flavonoids for their antioxidant effects.

/ this blend contains caffeine which is naturally found in our green tea to help keep you alert and active after you exercise. 

/ for optimum results match this tea up with the good sleep night tea. 

/ 100g of loose leaf tea (approx 33 serves)


/ drink 1 serving within 30 minutes of exercising. recommended 2 to 3 servings throughout the day.


/organic raspberry leaf, organic ginger root, organic hibiscus, organic lemongrass, organic green sencha tea, organic siberian ginseng root, organic calendula flowers, organic peppermint, organic stevia leaf & organic turmeric root.

*this product contains caffeine.


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