Execute Your Ultimate Deadlift

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Our Fitness Ambassador 'The Fit Coach' has put together the how to guide for executing the perfect deadlift. 

The Movement

Keep your lower back neutral (hip flex)
Proper Deadlift form starts with the weight on the floor
Pull the bar until you've locked your hips and knees
Return it to the floor by moving your hips back first and then bending your knees
Keep the bar close to your body as possible throughout the lift
      Building resistance training into your training can help promote core stability & strength will can help promote a better posture if you lift correctly. Weight lifting and resistance training has been shown to burn more fat than a traditional diet plan and cardio workout.
      To learn more, visit http://www.therealfitcoach.com
      check out the youtube video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JJ2GMk-ypHI